We’re Creating A Theme Park. 
The Everything-World Theme Park.

What if there was a Theme Park called Everything World...

where the rides and attractions were alive and they gave you storybooks and asked you questions about life, love, art, eternity & more? 

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It's a tough thing to say, but there's no other way into the Theme Park but to walk through the long intertwisted glistening tangle of tunnels of the mind. It's challenging and designed to grow hearts, minds and family time.

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Guidelines For Growing Your Own Version Of Everything World Attractions

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The first theme park experience is THE MIRROR MAZE OF ONESELF - Take your gift with you into the Mirror Maze as we detail the amazing benefits of the Theme Park Of The Mind for parent-child conversations.

To The Mirror Maze Of Oneself

The Bumper Cars Of Everyone


The attraction of THE BUMPER CARS OF EVERYONE is based upon a book Clare wrote called THE BOOK WITH NO STORY. What makes these creature-rides so interesting is that they all THINK very differently, and what's fabulous is that there are 52 of them.  

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The Lake Of Meaning


Once you start thinking in the theme park of the mind about WHO YOU ARE, WHO YOU ARE NOT, and WHAT DO I KNOW ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE, you can begin to really investigate WHERE you are. 

As you read the ATLAS of Why In The World Are We Here? natural questions will occur.  Feel free to write and draw all over the words and artwork as you explore this text as a family.

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The Wonder Wheel Of Contradiction


Surely you may have noticed by now, that most people you know and love, are, well, both one thing and the exact opposite at once. They go in opposite directions at once and then wonder why we have so many problems.

With that idea in mind, the Wonder Wheel Of Contradition thinking adventure is a much-tested and tried adventure, as rusty looking as can be, but each little capsule is about one of our contradictions as human beings. What happens on the ride is based on two aliens, Rio and Huxley from The Planet of Stuff. Clare tell their story in The One Thing And Anothers

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The Ghost Train Of Change


This ghost train always tells a historical story written by a child.

It operates like a traditional cart, rolling through a haunted house, but the “ghosts” and the whole frightening experience is created through hologram-like-visuals so that they can be changed by whoever is in charge of telling the story that day.

This ride is based upon a personal favourite book of mine: THE FAKE DICTIONARY. The point of the book is that someone, somewhere, somehow made up a particular word to be meaningful and useful.

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Our production of four other rides is well underway for 2021. Stay in contact with our developments. We will be calling for 'advance family riders' to try out the planned amazing experiences.


On Wondering Out Loud About Life.

They called it philosophy, originally a word from ancient Greeks - Philo (the love of ) Sophia  (wisdom)...You can call it what you want

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