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What Is Philosophy-Focused Theme Park?


Imagine a place in which parents experience the wonder and growth of ideas for nurturing young philosophers. It's a space for exploration and stories and seeing how our discoveries can have their greatest impact.

It is a place linked in ordinary time through the imagination of parents to their children through delightfully travelling sharing activities and resources, like sharing models thinking with children through questioning, conversations and original thoughts. 

Each thinking adventures. The first five we're planning are:

  • The Mirror-Maze of Ourselves
  • The Bumper Cars of Everyone
  • The Lake of Meaning
  • The Ghost Train of Change 
  • The Wonder Wheel of Contradiction 

All are designed to be enjoyed around your own kitchen table.

Playfully Engaging With Philosophy

The rides of the theme park all relate to deep concepts about life, and each ride is based upon a book Clare-Rose Trevelyan has written and illustrated with her creative team. The books are included in the fee, as well as activity and journal templates, an online Creativity Cafe meet-ups for parents and much more. 

As we investigate creative and critical thinking, endings, ourselves, emotional transactions, themes and metaphor, we empower parents to not just do their duty of meaningfully reading and sharing books and stories, but to strongly and meaningfully read and write their own lives.

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Announcing The First Thought-Provoking Adventure—The Mirror Maze Of Oneself As A Conversation Tool For Beginning To Wonder Out Loud


It is an enchanting mirrored labyrinth, sectioned into various hallways and rooms in which you are asked questions. Learn the strength of questioning and leading children through different mirrored doors and down mirrored pathways to new spaces, with more questions and more answers. The resources are based on the special edition The Five With No Story.

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Resource Co-Presenters

Clare-Rose Trevelyan


I’m the author of the Young Philosophers Series of The Book With No Story, Why In The World Are We Here? The One Thing And Anothers and The Fake Dictionary. 

I’m a mum. I want my kids to WANT to learn, to WANT to read books, I want them to want to be cultured, to know about feminism and racial issues, and to fight for our planet, meditate, be conscious and all the rest of it, but most importantly to THINK!!! THINK!!!! But alas, they just wanna eat popcorn and play Mario Kart.

To be honest so do I.

So, I thought...

Instead of bribing my children to come to the museum with me with the promises of endless icy poles and a few rounds of Mario Party, what if there was a world that incorporated both ‘wisdom’ AND all the popcorn and choc-bombs and adrenaline we all desire.

Dr Josey De Rossi 


Josey loves working with young people in education. She began her teaching career as an English/Drama teacher and has had lots of fun creating and writing for theatre.

She has authored seven textbooks on creative learning, including researching and writing in creative and critical thinking in arts and humanities.

She has also written serious stuff which hardly any has read about theatre history. She doesn’t mind because it was also fun researching all about how companies made  theatre in the ‘olden days’. 

These days she particularly loves working with Clare on her creative team, trying to figure out how to tell her contemporary baby-boomers how they have finished their job of helping younger generations face the challenges and opportunities of working with digital communications and the knowledge economy. She also loves working with her life and business partner, Jeremy Noble.


It is an enchanting mirrored labyrinth, sectioned into various hallways and rooms in which you are asked questions. Depending on your answers you’ll be lead through different mirrored doors and down mirrored pathways to new spaces, with more questions and more answers. You may get split up from your friends and family, depending on your answers, and you may bump back into them later in down the journey. Or you may choose to go with them on their journey. Or you may come back, year after year, and see how your answers - and indeed yourself - change over time. Some people get through the maze quickly, whilst others stay there for years, some people even spend their whole life wondering what they saw in the maze.


Key Benefits Of The Resource Kick-Off 

Come and be inspired with resources and know-how on:


How to boost your child's creative thinking skills just by being you, a parent.

How to create an emotionally satisfying space with engaging activities that you can use over and over again.

How to practice 'high-order thinking' without it looking or sounding like 'homework'.

How to provoke a focused conversation through resources that show complex ideas but can be experienced in bite-sized chunks.

How to set up family-time surprises in routines that are 'open-ended' challenges that keep going in engaging ways.


How to create a sense of 'quick wins' as a parent and pass on quick wins to your family. 

On-going us of books, activities, templates for 6 weeks.

On-going use of images, video and audio resources for 6 weeks.

Links to related references and reading materials

Free entry into weekly meet-ups with Clare, Josey and other parents

What Children & Parents Have Said About The Beauty Of Clare's Young Philosophy Series Books

Jacqueline, 10


When my thoughts came out of my pen one day, things I never thought I was thinking began singing to me



Peter, Dad in London.


The writing is beautiful, poetic and mythic. The surreal photo collages are striking, but not as ethereally timeless as the text. This is an observation, not a criticism. I think, maybe because I’m an older reader, the images seem very modern (well, last 100 years) and the text evokes a vast array of different times.

Claudine, Mum on the Gold Coast, Queensland


I just LOVE this! I feel it offers a depth of understanding of the human condition that - together with the imagery and gorgeous gorgeous delicious language - is rare. Makes me feel like someone understands me.

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