Would You Like A Family Theme Park Of Your Own?

"Hi, I'm Clare, and I'm really quite lazy. As a parent, I always worry that I'm not doing enough. So I tried to figure one thing that I could do with my kids consistently, something that I loved to do. I love thinking. And I love writing kid's books. So I made my kids an imaginary theme park, built around the 9 books I had written for children. A theme park whose rides were alive, whose rides gave my kids my books, and most importantly - asked them questions. Questions about love, life, the universe, themselves, aliens, ghosts, change, politics, nature, faith and much more. A place in which they could wander and wonder endlessly about this masterpiece we call life.

My team and I have begun to build this magical place for all of us to enjoy. But in its essence, this is just an age-old practice of wondering out loud. Some call it philosophy, originally a word from the ancient Greeks - Philo (the love of) Sophia (wisdom). You can call it what you want…

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Welcome To A Big Idea

Come and immerse yourself as a parent and grow your children's thinking skills to prepare them for the future of work and life. Wouldn't you like your parenting toolkit filled with playful ways of transforming your everyday parenting duties? Grab an entrance ticket NOW!

The Mirror Maze Of Oneself

Your entrance into the theme park of the mind starts with you. Defining yourself may be challenging but we show how satisfying it is through the use of sharing journal activities and fun mind tools for just 10 minutes a day. Yes, you can boost your child's thinking skills just by being you, a parent.


Parents Can Boost Their Children's Thinking Skills Right Now...

Imagine a place in which both parents and children experience the wonder of getting to know their own minds and each others simultaneously simply by keeping open journals, together. 

This is an ever-present offer open to us all, but in Everything World we aim to keep your children curiously focused, enjoying thinking & freely creating. 

Watch the short video to see how we do it through thinking adventures. Learn through our thirty minute video how to bring out the YOUNG PHILOSOPHER in your child.